Super-Hydration Mixes have taken the marketplace by storm. Until now, they have only been available in single-serve powdered stick packs. Enter Enhanca Hydrate. Each serving (two squeezes) delivers the equivalent Electrolyte content of one stick pack in an on-the-go squeeze bottle. You definitely don’t want to let this wave pass you by!

  • Enhanced Delivery | Liquid Mix Format for Optimal Effect | Easy to Mix & Dissolve!
  • Enhanced Ingredients | 500mg of Electrolytes per Serving | 2 Squeezes = 1 Powdered! Hydration Stick
  • Enhanced Value | 12-Servings per 1.62oz. Bottle | Equivalent to 12 Single Stick Packs!
  • Enhanced Guarantee | 100% Money-Back Promise | No Questions Asked!


  1. Add 2 squeeze (4mL) to 16.9oz of water..
  2. Adjust to taste, and dilute before consuming.
  3. Stir & Enjoy!